Tom Brady's return to New England outperformed PSG vs Manchester City on Champions League

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New England Patriots broke all the schemes, and became one of the most watched events of the year. In fact, it surpass the people who watched PSG vs Manchester City last week.

Tom Brady and Lionel Messi
Tom Brady and Lionel Messi

With 44 years, Tom Brady returns to the place where he became a legend. But this time, he do it wearing the colors of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, when he met his former team, the New England Patriots, who wanted to ruin his homecoming to the veteran quarterback. The big day has arrived. People wrote down on their calendar this Sunday, October 3, as Tom Brady's return to the pitch.

Gillette Stadium was housed one of the events of the year. Everything was prepared in Foxborough, Massachusetts to play the game corresponding to Week 4 of the NFL 2021. However, it wasn’t another game of the season, and that is how it was lived in the previous of it.

The expectation was total, in what was the confrontation of the legendary quarterback Tom Brady and the head coach Bill Belichick, as one of the strongest bets in the NFL regular season. To do this, all kinds of platforms were set up, so that no one left without seeing the meeting. 

In this way, the match of Week 4 of the NFL 2021 between New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers was broadcast in the United States through NBC, but it reached all of Latin America through the different ESPN signals, and its Streaming platform Star +, and from the rest of the world, through the NFL Redzone.

Buccaneers vs Patriots: The match had a higher rating than Manchester City vs PSG for the Champions League

The meeting between Buccaneers and Patriots clearly marked something that has been happening regularly in the NFL, and ended with the highest audience level on television, of all the games recorded so far this season.

So much so, that it left behind even one of the most important sport events of the year, such as the match between Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City last week, which not only meant the rivalry between the two greatest powers of current football, if not also, the one that ended up being Lionel Messi's first goal with his new shirt.

In this way, with just over 87 million viewers allover the world, it surpassed the 79 million who saw the match played at Parc des Princes live, in PSG's 2-0 victory.

The Most viewed broadcasts in United States History

Super Bowl XLIX(49): 114.442 millions

Super Bowl XLVIII (48): 112.191 millions

Super Bowl L (50): 111.864 millions

Super Bowl XLVI (46): 111.346 millions

Super Bowl LI (51): 111,319 millions

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