The players who have appreciated the most in the Copa América

By Alexis Almosnino

The players who have appreciated the most in the Copa América

Raziel García, Facundo Torres, Cristian Romero, Nahuel Molina and Luis Díaz surprised with their excellent level and are now in the sights of the powerful.

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All national team competitions can be a springboard for many footballers' careers. The fact of playing in a tournament seen all over the world is an important showcase. But, in addition, many times the change of air or context allows players of great capacity, somewhat hidden in their clubs, to show a different version of their talent.

The Copa América and the Eurocup, the two most important continental competitions of national teams in the world, have left several pearls. Many players of enormous performance who were not in the orbit of buying clubs and today appear as the first options, in some cases, for millionaire figures. These are some of the highlights of each competition that today are sought after by important clubs:

- Raziel Garcia (Perú): The Cienciano player was one of the most pleasant appearances in Ricardo Gareca's renewed team. His very good income in the second half, for example in the semi-final match against Brazil, in which he changed the face of the team, earned him a notable revaluation. He is 27 years old, an age at which it is difficult to seduce a European club, but he has received calls from big clubs in Brazil.

- Facundo Torres (Uruguay): The revulsive of Peñarol had already shown in the first half of the year, in the South American Cup, his enormous capacity. However, revalidating it at the national team level and bringing freshness and imbalance to a dull Uruguayan team in the Copa América, placed it in an even more important place in terms of the interest of some clubs. River asked about him, but he was very far from the numbers that the "Carbonero" claims: he has a rescission clause of 20 million dollars.

- Cristian Romero (Argentina): He was chosen as the best defender last season in Serie A, so his value was already high. But, in Argentina, the champion team absolutely took over a position and even empowered their teammates. It was recently acquired by Atalanta, which had it on loan, with a purchase option of 16 million euros. However, it is not ruled out that the Bergamo team will negotiate it, given that it received a practically irrefutable offer from Manchester United, for 45 million, to take it away now.

Luis Diaz (Colombia): If the Colombian was not chosen as the best player in the Cup, it is purely and exclusively because Lionel Messi and Neymar participated in the tournament. The Porto player was, without a doubt, the one who stood out the most in the championship. He had absolutely outstanding performances against Argentina in the semifinals and against Peru for third place. He finished, along with the Argentine 10, as the top scorer of the tournament. That earned him the interest of three important clubs in Europe, Tottenham, Roma, José Mourinho, and Inter. However, getting him out of Portugal will be difficult: his team recently put a release clause of 80 million euros on him.

Nahuel Molina (Argentina): The man who was inexplicably free from Boca consolidated in less than a year at Udinese. He got into the Copa América list with just enough but later he totally took over his position as right back, apart from the fact that he did not play in the final. Today, he is wanted by Inter, the last Italian champion, to replace Achraf Hakimi, who passed to PSG. In addition, he was also polled by Manchester United.

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