The first time the USMNT and the Mexican national team faced off

The rivalry between Mexico National Team and USMNT is historic. Their first confrontation was in 1934, and their enmity has grown over time.

Mexico National Team vs US National Team at Gold Cup final 2021
Mexico National Team vs US National Team at Gold Cup final 2021

Until before the 90s, playing against the Americans was a mere formality for the Mexican National Team, since Tri's dominance was absolute in this sport that was practically alien to the United States, where American football, basketball and baseball prevailed.

But after the United States was chosen to host the 1994 World Cup, soccer was given a major boost, and the country against which they had to measure their progress was Mexico, since they belong to the same region. 

Mexican National Team is for the USMNT, the yardstick, and vice versa. Both can try new strategies against the Central American teams. However, the real test of how the team is doing, and where it wants to go, will always be the games against each other.

In fact, the numbers affirm what has been said, and the competitions have them as the main, and often the only ones, protagonists in this regard. Without going any further, both are used to seeing their name in the world championships, and they are the two top winners in the history of the Gold Cup.

Mexico National Team vs USMNT at the Gold Cup 2021

USMNT vs Mexico: When was their first game?

The first time the two North American national teams faced off was for the Qualifiers for the World Cup of 1934, to be played in Italy. The game was held in Rome the 24th of may of 1934 and the USMNT took the W with a score of 4-2.

USMNT vs Mexico: Which team won the most trophies?

In total, the Mexican National Team won 12 tournaments. A FIFA Confederations Cup, and 11 Concacaf trophies, including the Gold Cup. For its part, the USMNT team runs from behind, with just 8 titles in its history, all of them from Concacaf.

USMNT vs Mexico: Which team won the most trophies in the Gold Cup?

Since it is played under the name of Gold Cup, and with this new format, Mexico has won the Gold Cup more times than its eternal rival. In total, he did it 8 times, while the United States, there are 7.

USMNT vs Mexico: Their last match

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