The economic loss that FIFA would have if the United States or Mexico doesn't qualify for the World Cup

The United States and Mexico left some doubts in their presentation for qualifiers, and from FIFA, they are already doing the math, according to the money they could lose if they did not qualify for the next World Cup.


The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar will be the biggest sporting event of the year, and therefore requires a large investment and movement of money involved in this world-scale event. The construction of stadiums, roads, the accommodation of the country layer delegations and their transportation.

The various prizes that the football federation will deliver to the participants, and hundreds of other expenses that both the Arab government and FIFA have incurred for bring this colossal sporting event to fruition, these are figures not previously seen in sporting events of this magnitude.

FIFA generates the majority of its income every 4 years with the organization of the Soccer World Cup through ticket sales, advertising in stadiums or the use of its image, as well as the right to broadcast the matches via television signal. 

For this reason, FIFA needs the best to compete. It is that selected as those of Mexico and the United States, without a doubt they move enormous fortunes of money, given their stable and competitive economy with the rest of the world, and the great demographic movement that they usually have in events of this magnitude.

It is true that if one of them did not qualify, Canada would enter instead, for example. Consequently, large movements of people would also be expected, taking into account that they barely played a World Cup in their history, something that happened in Mexico 1986. That is, in theory, FIFA would not suffer great economic consequences, if an event like these happened.

Alexis Almosnino

Digital Sports Journalist received at the university Tea & Deportea in 2016. Specialized in graphic media.+ info

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