The cabal that Italian players cling to, which they adopted throughout the cup

By Alexis Almosnino

The cabal that Italian players cling to, which they adopted throughout the cup

Italy traveled to London to face England in the final of Euro 2020, and did not forget to comply with the ritual they had throughout the cup.

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The Italian soccer team will play this Sunday (16 Argentine time) the final of Euro 2020 against England at the London Wembley stadium. The ‘Azzurra’ delegation has had an unusual cabal for three weeks on each trip they undertake. This is Roberto Mancini's assistant, Gianluca Vialli, who does not get on the bus like the rest of the team, but is lifted up later as a ritual.

This particular cabal has been repeated since the beginning of the Euro, when the Tana delegation was going to play against Turkey. On that occasion, the Italy bus started without Gianluca Vialli, Mancini's assistant, and they later realized that the coaching staff was not present. Vialli joined the micro later and they finally beat Turkey 3-0, so they have been repeating this cabal ever since.

The results continued to accompany the Italian team and the cabal is unchanged. In the preview of the game against England, the Italians repeated the ritual before traveling to London to play the final against England. They did so before beating Wales 1-0 in Rome, before beating Austria 2-1 in the round of 16 at Wembley, against Belgium when they won 2-1 in Munich and against Spain in the semifinals at Wembley.

On this occasion, when the ‘Azzurro’ group got on the bus to go to the Florenica airport, where a charter flight to Luton was waiting for them, the cabal did not change. The bus traveled about ten meters and stopped, so that Vialli, with suitcase, suit and hat, get on and comply with the cabal. The Italians proved to be quite a caboose in this edition of the Eurocup, one that has them one game away from glory.



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