The abysmal difference between the economic prizes of the Copa América and the Euro Cup

By Alexis Almosnino

The abysmal difference between the economic prizes of the Copa América and the Euro Cup

Despite the fact that Conmebol increased the amount that the champion of the South American tournament will receive, it does not manage to reach what UEFA will deliver in the European competition.

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This Friday the ball is rolling again in the Copa América and in the Euro Cup to start the quarterfinals of both competitions. The teams that remain alive dream of being able to lift the trophy, but also of winning the important financial prize that makes it even more desirable to play the final and win it. There is a big difference between the prize money of these two tournaments.

The champions of South America and Europe will enjoy the increase they had for this edition, despite the economic crisis that the world is experiencing due to the coronavirus. For this year UEFA authorized a total of 371 million euros to be distributed among the teams, 70 more than in France 2016. Each one received 9.25 million euros just for participating, in addition, for each victory the body will deliver 1 million euros and for the tie 750 thousand.

Qualifying for the eighth will result in the country's federation receiving an additional 2 million. The quarterfinals 3.25 million and each of the semifinalists will be awarded 5 million euros. The runner-up can enjoy 7 million and the champion 10 million euros, so the team that is crowned champion could pocket up to 34 million in the competition. For its part, in the Copa América, Conmebol has a much smaller bag.

Each participant was given $ 4 million, which has to be invested in planning, preparation and logistics throughout the tournament. The champion of this part of the planet will receive 10 million dollars, 2.5 million more than what Brazil won in the 2019 edition. That is, the winner will pocket 14 million dollars.

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