The European Final in numbers: how much do the finalist teams cost?

By Juan Angel Aiesi

The European Final in numbers: how much do the finalist teams cost?

While the world is waiting for the final that will paralyze Europe, we tell you the market value of the squads of the two best teams in Europe. 

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England is the most expensive team in the European Championship. Despite never having won this competition, its squad is worth 1.27 billion euros between the valuation of all its players. The leader is Harry Kane, whose tab costs 120 million euros.



Some may think it shouldn't be first, but names don't lie. England is the only one of the great teams of the old continent that has not lifted the Euro in its entire history. With Harry Kane pushing the balls that Sancho or Rashford will put to him, the 3 Lions owe a debt to their people.


For another hand the Italian National Team is valued at 764 million. There is a lot of desire to see the 4 times world champions. The departure of heavyweights like Buffon has once again shown the potential that Serie A has.



The other most expensive teams: France (1.03 billion euros), Germany (936 million euros) and Spain (906 million euros).
In addition, England has two of the three most expensive players in the Euro. Harry Kane: 120 million euros and
Jadon Sancho: 100 million euros.



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