Rogelio Funes Mori will be cited by Gerardo Martino: Why didn't Tata call Chicharito Hernández?

By Mauricio Saenz

Rogelio Funes Mori will be cited by Gerardo Martino: Why didn't Tata call Chicharito Hernández?

The Monterrey striker has already been nationalized and will play the Gold Cup. The reasons why Chicharito is still out

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Rogelio Funes Mori found his place in the world in Mexico. After making his debut in Argentina's First Division at River Plate and being harshly criticized for "the lack of a goal," the forward arrived in the Azteca country and found the best form of himself, being one of Monterrey's historic scorers.

For this reason, he aroused Gerardo Martino's interest in being able to count on his services in the Mexican National Team. But for that to happen, the Argentine had to be nationalized. Coronavirus pandemic involved, which delayed the process even more, Funes Mori already has everything ready to be summoned and play the next Gold Cup with Mexico.

Even Funes Mori already sent the documents to the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) where he renounces the possibility of being summoned in the future with that team and ratifies his wishes to play with the Mexican National Team.

But for this to happen, he must receive in the next few days the national letter confirming that the entire nationalization process has been completed and that he is a Mexican citizen.

Now, why does Gerardo Martino bet on Funes Mori and doesn't quote Javier Hernández? Chicharito is the historical scorer of the National Team and, nevertheless, he is completely erased by the Argentine coach and there are several reasons for that to happen.

Nobody doubts the quality of Hernández, but neither that he is a "quiet" player off the field of play. On more than one occasion he starred in a scandal in discs or public places. That is something that Martino does not like at all.

And if we add that on a tour with the National Team, prior to a match, he went to a private sex party, in which videos and photos were known, that was the main reason why he never mentioned him again.

As for sports, only now Chicharito is showing his conditions in the MLS. Last season at the Los Angeles Galaxy it was more he was injured than he saw action, so it was no surprise that he was not cited. It is only now that he is scoring frequently that his absence is striking.


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