Problems in Germany? A benchmark of the national team, very hard with Joachim Löw

A German reference from Bayern Munich analyzed what was the elimination in the quarterfinals of the European Championship against England and questioned the tactical decisions of the already former German coach.

Joachim Löw
Joachim Löw

German international Thomas Müller described Joachim Löw's defensive strategy during the European Championship, in which Germany was eliminated in the round of 16 against England (2-0), as a "failure" and has affirmed that they won out. "Frustration and anger" over the premature elimination penetrated the 31-year-old Bayern Munich forward.

"We won the elimination", he said. After a single victory in four Euro Cup games, the recently returned forward to the German national team, re-caught by Löw for the continental tournament after two years of absence, analyzed what happened. "We have lacked the necessary efficiency at both ends of the field" assured.

Müller also commented on Löw's tactical decisions. "With our efforts to remain without conceding a goal through a rather expectant and compact defensive strategy, we have actually failed," he said. In the opinion of the 2014 world champion, it was certainly not because of the attitude of the team.

"The group I came across had the quality, the will, and also the work ethic to go back to previous successes," he said. On vacation until his reincorporation to the preseason with Bayern, Müller said he wanted to "try to rest his legs a little and also his soul", adding that, on a personal level, he will try to turn disappointments, such as that of the European Championship, "into energy positive work".

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