Neither Argentina nor Italy: Who leads the FIFA ranking after the knockout stop?

The new round of playoffs determined changes in the FIFA ranking, which today is led by the Belgian team. How is it consequently?


With the end of the national team break, the ranking for the month of November is closed with different teams having moved up or down the table. It should be noted that the positions on this list will determine who is seeded in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

What is incredible is that the team that ranks first is neither France, the champion of the last World Cup, nor Argentina, which after 30 years managed to win the America's Cup, nor Italy, the brand new winner of the European competition. However, it should be noted that Belgium has been one of the most stable teams in recent years, and deserves to be, without a doubt, in the top positions.

How is the ranking now?

- 10, Holland: 1.653, 73 points

- 9, Denmark: 1.654, 54 puntos points

- 8, Portugal: 1.660, 26 points

- 7, Spain: 1.704, 75 points

- 6, Italy: 1.740,77 points

- 5, Argentina: 1.750,51 points

- 4, England: 1.755,52 points

- 3, France: 1.786,15 points 

- 2, Brazil: 1.826,45 points

-1, Belgium: 1.828, 45 points

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