Most valuable NBA team vs most valuable European soccer team: which is more expensive?

The battle of popularity and wealthiness between the NBA and European soccer is one that will remain. See how their most valuable teams compare.

New York Knicks
New York Knicks

The National Basketball Association is one of the most commercially lucrative sport enterprises in the world with most of its teams boasting of expensive squads, commercials and growing revenue while European soccer over time has proven to be a big deal in terms of money.

According to financial website Forbes, the most valuable NBA team is way more expensive than the most expensive soccer team, with a difference in fortunes of over a billion dollars. If the most valuable soccer team is in the NBA, it will come in at number 4.

FC Barcelona is the most valuable soccer team of 2021 with a fortune of $4.76bn, a little more than the next club and rivals, Real Madrid at $4.75bn, which doesn't exemplify the club's current financial struggles relative to their opponents.

New York Knicks is the NBA's most valuable team of 2021 according to Forbes, with a fortune of $5.8bn, outrageously more than FC Barcelona. The NBA clearly wins this debate with more valuable teams than soccer teams in Europe.

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