Javier Hernández is a key call to Gerardo Martino to return to the Mexican National Team

Gerardo Martino wants Chicharito to call him to solve the conflict

By Mauricio Saenz

Gerardo Martino wants Chicharito to call him to solve the conflict
Gerardo Martino wants Chicharito to call him to solve the conflict
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If one reviews the near present of the Mexican National Team, one can find that he lost the final of the Concacaf League of Nations against USMNT. With the defeat, criticism of Gerardo Martino didn't take long to come.

Mainly what was criticized to Martino was the lack of a "nine" of hierarchy and, in that sense, the absence of Javier Hernández in a squad that had already lost Raúl Jiménez through injury.

Reality indicates that the relationship between Martino and Hernández is broken and there is no turning back. Chicharito's constant acts of indiscipline every time he was summoned caused the Argentine coach to make the decision not to call him to El Tri in the following games. The act that marked the end was a tour of the United States, where in the run-up to a match against Argentina, he was seen at a party with several women. Later, in the match, he didn't perform and was never cited again.

But almost two years after that event, and when nothing suggested a "truce" between the parties, in the last hours the information began to circulate that if Javier Hernández calls Martino and offers his apologies, the coach will accept it and will come back into consideration.

Javier Hernández must call Gerardo Martino

Javier Hernández already has Gerardo Martino's phone number in his hands. He just has to grab his cell phone and dial it. On the other side will be a Tata who is simply waiting to hear four words: "I was wrong, I'm sorry." If Chicharito does it, he will be taken into account again and more after the great season that he is having in the Los Angeles Galaxy, where he is the scorer of the MLS season.

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Rogelio Funes Mori, the "9" of Gerardo Martino

As long as Javier Hernández doesn't call to offer his apology and everything is solved, Rogelio Funes Mori will be an option for Martino. Upon completion of the nationalization process, he will be available for the Concacaf Gold Cup.

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