Is the Copa América played in the United States?

By Mauricio Saenz

Is the Copa América played in the United States?

The international tournament of South American teams could be played in the United States

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Everything was ready for the 2021 Copa América to be held in Colombia and Argentina, but the coronavirus pandemic and social problems in Colombian territory led Conmebol to deny a postponement request and will have to find a new headquarters for the oldest national team tournament in the world.

One reason to organize it's that according to the US Census Bureau, as of July 1, 2019, more than 60 million inhabitants are Hispanic, so attendance at the Copa América would be massive. Colombian, Brazilian, Argentine fans and those who like football would not hesitate to attend the contest.

The second reason to consider the United States as the ideal venue for the Copa América is the television rating it can achieve. In 2016 the USA already held this contest and had more than 100 million people watching the games in North America alone. In addition, the Univisión network reported that it reached ratings in the group stage that exceeded those of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The antecedent of the Copa América Centenario

In 2016 the Copa América Centenario was held in North America and the success was total. About 1.5 million people attended the games with an average per game of 46,000 fans, the competition was broadcast by 160 countries and more than 3.5 million people interacted on social networks. Another edition of the contest in 2021 would be a guaranteed success.

Large amount of public will attend the games

In American sports (NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL), fans have gradually increased attendance at stadiums and MLS football has not been immune to this progress. Just to cite one example, Inter Miami enabled the stadium for all spectators (18,000 fans) since May 29. So for the 2021 Copa América, the capacity of fans for the matches would be 100% without any inconvenience.

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