How would the qualifiers be played if there was a World Cup every 2 years?

The new FIFA project, of a World Cup every two years, is gaining strength from the highest regulator of world football, but it is not so accepted in people's heads.

FIFA World Cup trophy
FIFA World Cup trophy

FIFA commissioned a global digital survey, the results of which revealed that a majority prefer holding the Men's World Cup more frequently than the traditional four-year period, a project promoted by the organization itself despite resistance from UEFA and Conmebol, among other entities.

According to reports, the sample, carried out in July this year by the specialized firms IRIS and YouGov, consulted 23,000 people from 23 countries of the six confederations and 15,000 (65.21%) showed interest in the initiative.

Among the supporters of this change, FIFA assured that the preferred frequency for the World Cup dispute is two years, precisely the period proposed by the Zurich-based entity. After this survey, the governing body of world football commissioned a new one of greater scope (100,000 people from more than 10 countries) in which variables such as population, geographical diversity, history and football potential were adjusted. However, everything indicates that the results were not as expected.

As crazy as the idea of doubling the number of World Cups may seem, or in other words, lowering the frequency to every 2 years, instead of every 4, another of the questions to be resolved would be the way in which the qualifying rounds would be developed. to said competition. That is why, and to avoid the amount of travel, and that the teams have to give up their players constantly, the possibility of playing all the games in a month, in a common venue is being considered. However, this is not entirely likely to happen either.

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