How much will Manchester United lose if they fail to make the Champions League next season?

Every top team wants to play in the Champions League because of pride and because of money. How much will it cost Manchester United if they miss out?

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

Manchester United's poor run of form could end in them missing out on the UEFA Champions League next season which would prove costly for the clubs finances due to the lucrativeness of Europe's top competition.

A club that makes it out of the UEFA Champions League group stage makes more money than the winner of the UEFA Champions League and for that reason top clubs play to compete at the top level.

Qualification for the UEFA Champions group stage is worth £14.6m and a win bonus could potentially earn the club £3m more per win and with about six games to compete, it could mean another £18m pounds more.

The UEFA Champions League group stage is potentially worth about £30m while the winner of the UEFA Europa League who earns around £18m. If United fails to make it to the Champions League, they could lose between £30m-£100m.

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