How many Euros does the 2021 Eurocup champion and the participating teams win?

As in every professional sports competition, the Eurocup also carries a fairly large monetary prize, these are the amounts established by The UEFA Executive Committee.

Euro 2021
Euro 2021

Economic crisis generated by Covid?

It does not seem, if we take into account the millionaire prizes that UEFA announced to distribute in Eurocup 2021.


Sums that were approved in 2018 by the Executive Committee of the entity at a congress held in Bratislava.

Each team, already for the fact of participating in the contest, will take 9,250,000 euros. That number may be even higher, depending on the results of each set.

How they can increase the prize money

That is, if a team wins all its matches and raises the trophy, it would end up taking € 34 million.

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