How does El Clasico compare to the NBA's biggest rivalry financially?

Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers is the NBA's biggest rivalry, how does it compare to El Clasico in terms of club value and revenue?

La Lakers vs Boston Celtics
La Lakers vs Boston Celtics

El Clasico, the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona is arguably one of the biggest rivalries in sports and could easily be called the biggest in soccer and has had some of soccer's global stars competing in it including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Talking of sporting rivalries, it won't be complete without mentioning the biggest in basketball which is the rivalry between Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, the two most successful teams in the NBA and two of the richest.

Los Angeles Lakers is the most valuable club of the four teams with a value of $5.5bn, Barcelona and Real Madrid follow with values of $4.76bn and $4.75bn while the Boston Celtics is the least valuable club with a value of $3.55bn.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are the top two most valuable soccer clubs while LA Lakers occupy third position in the NBA while Boston Celtics occupy the fifth position. The two soccer clubs combined at $9.51bn are more valuable than the NBA teams at $9.05bn.

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