Concacaf Gold Cup: USMNT would lose one of its jewels

By Mauricio Saenz

Concacaf Gold Cup: USMNT would lose one of its jewels

If the news is confirmed, it's a very important drop for the United States National Team

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In the last ten editions of the Gold Cup, Mexico and the United States alternated to take the glory of the most important tournament at the national team level in Concacaf, which means that these two teams will be the main candidates to lift the trophy.

The USA National Team (USMNT) arrives in one of its best sporting moments since it has players in the most important teams in Europe. This would be one of the keys so that when the 2021 Gold Cup begins on July 10, Americans are candidates, but ...

According to the German portal Ruh Nachrichten, Giovanni Reyna will be left out of the USMNT call for the 2021 Gold Cup because Borussia Dortmund needs one of the jewels of the USA from the first day of preseason with the new coach Marco Rose.

It is worth mentioning that since the 2021 Gold Cup is a FIFA competition, Dortmund would be obliged to allow Gio Reyna to play for the USA, but with the aim of not having a bad relationship with the German team, the agreement would be that the midfielder Just participate in the Final Four of the Concacaf Nations League.

Gio Reyna's numbers in the US National Team

Without yet making his debut in an official competition with the United States, Gio Reyna has accumulated five friendly matches played with USMNT in which he scored two goals in 350 minutes of play. If he doesn't play in the 2021 Gold Cup, it will be a hard loss for the USA team that, without a doubt, would bring relief for the other great candidate of the tournament: Mexico.



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