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European Super League vs Champions League: the prizes they will receive in each tournament

Comparison of the money they will earn in each of the competitions


War is declared. After the announcement by twelve clubs of the creation of the European Super League, not only FIFA and UEFA, but also local leagues and even governments have come out to question this initiative and threaten harsh sanctions against those who participate in it. One of the key points in the progress of this new project is the economic factor and the enormous differences in the prizes in relation to those currently awarded by the Champions League.

In recent seasons, UEFA has been increasing the awards in its most important club competition precisely to prevent this type of rebellion on the part of the powerful teams of the different countries. That is why today the contest delivers, in total, 1950 million euros per season.

How much will the teams win in the Champions League?

Each team that participates in the Champions League receives 15.25 million euros. In the Group Stage, in addition, he receives 2.7 million for each victory and 900 thousand for draws. In case of advancing to the round of 16 the prize is 9.5 million and in the quarters it amounts to 10.5 million. In the decisive instance, the finalist takes 15 million and the champion 19 million. In this way, the earnings of the winner of the contest in relation to sporting merit would amount to about 75 million euros in the best of cases.

There is also a system called market pool that divides 292 million euros among the participating teams by virtue of their attractiveness for the television market. The more matches a team plays in the Champions League and the higher it has finished in the league standings in the last season, the greater the proportion it will receive from this fund.

How much will the teams win in the European Super League?

The Super League, meanwhile, according to its promoters, is destined to generate additional resources for the entire football pyramid: “In return for their commitment, the founding clubs will receive a one-time payment of the order of 3,500 million euros (4,190 million of dollars), destined only to investments in infrastructures and to offset the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, "the statement added.

There are twelve founding clubs and the account is easy: in principle, each one would get almost 300 million euros just for participating. This even without taking into account the prizes for results, for advancing the round and for the market pool, among others.

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