Eurocup vs. Copa America: which is the most expensive final?

By Juan Angel Aiesi

Eurocup vs. Copa America: which is the most expensive final?

A few hours before the finals of the Euro Cup of Nations and the Copa America. In full expectation for the tournament that will paralyze the world of soccer, we bring you the market value of the squads that will play the final.  

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England is the most expensive country in the finals, its squad is worth 1260 million euros.
Some may think it should not be first, but the numbers don't lie. England is the only one of the great teams of the old continent that has not lifted the Euro in its entire history. With Harry Kane pushing the balls that Sancho will put to him, the 3 Lions owe a debt to their people.  



For its part, the other member of the final, Italy's squad amounts to 764 million Euros. There is a lot of desire to see the 4 times world champions. The departure of heavyweights such as Buffon has once again shown the potential that Serie A has. With a team that has left catenaccio behind, it is hoped that Mancini can bring Italy back to the top.



Taking each of the players from the ten squads does not give an exact number, but it serves as a reference and shows why Brazil is the lighthouse in South America where it leads with a perfect score in the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.



The total sum of the 24 players of the Scratch reached 1,094 million dollars where 121 of that final amount are Neymar's, who is the best valued of all the players in the Copa America. And they have several who exceed 50 million, such as Casemiro (85), a trio of 73 million as the goalkeeper Allison, Fabinho and Gabriel Jesus, Marquinhos (91) and Richarlison (67).



On the other hand, with a squad valued at US$784 million, with Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez as its most expensive players, with US$97 million. Both are behind Neymar overall. In the Albiceleste they are followed by Ángel Correa (49), Rodrigo de Paul (46), and Emiliano Martínez and Joaquín Correa, with 37 million.



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