Does the Spanish derby or the Superbowl have more spectators?

A new edition of the Spanish classic, without Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it is expected that viewers will not drop, and will remain according to the numbers that they frequented in recent years.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid - Superbowl
Barcelona vs Real Madrid - Superbowl

Barcelona, without Lionel Messi, will host Real Madrid this Sunday, October 24 at the Camp Nou Stadium for matchday 10 of LaLiga Santander. This new edition of the Spanish classic will feature the youngest talents from each team. However, a record of viewers is expected to follow it on television.

LaLiga also makes its bet. From the club association they are about to launch their audiovisual rights contest for the coming seasons, the main source of income for the competition and key to all their future economic development plans.

Cinematographic, super slow cameras, a helicopter and a drone on whose aerial image augmented reality graphics will be projected with information from the meeting that will delight the spectators. Also outside the Spanish borders, where the new image of El Clásico, with its own logo and brand identity created by LaLiga, has reached more than 50 cities around the world through 120 activations, within the internationalization strategy of the competition.

That display of color will have a global echo. Some 650 million people are expected to follow him on television, through 83 television companies that will serve him in all corners of the planet. 

The figure is really considerable, although it is true that we are talking about the most popular sport on the planet. However, the differences with respect to a Super Bowl are really enormous, since the average number of spectators is between 100 and 120 million, that is, 6 times less than the Spanish derby, Barcelona vs Real Madrid.

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