Does Argentina-Brazil or the NBA final generate more rating on TV?

The rating to see Argentina and Brazil is very varied, according to the territory in question. That is why, there is no more demand than an NBA final.

Lionel Messi and Neymar
Lionel Messi and Neymar

After 28 years without a major level title, the Argentine National Team became champion of the Copa América against Brazil and at the legendary Maracanã Stadium. With all these seasonings, the television turn on that Saturday night happened almost exclusively by what the captained by Lionel Messi did against Neymar's team. And both Public Television on the air and TyC Sports among the air signals played shocking numbers.

That day, all Argentines were on the screen, but surprisingly, in Brazil it was not even close to the most watched programs of that day. If we take into account the 20 million viewers on the game that day, we are talking about numbers that far exceed those of the NBA. However, history is not always like this.

According to estimates, the audience in today's game decreased by at least 5 times, and dropped to 4 million fans on the screen. It is true, Brazil was already classified, and Argentina with a draw achieved the same. However, it was clear that no matter how relevant it may seem, it is not without an earthly audience.

The NBA finals, to top it all, have been increasing their values exponentially in recent years. In fact, they accumulate 2 years with at least a 30% increase in each of them, which averages a total of between 16 and 17 million fans per game on television.

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