Colombia vs. Brazil: ticket resale reaches astronomical figures

The expected qualifying match in Barranquilla is taken advantage of by the resellers, who take advantage of those who would give everything to see their team against the best in America.

Colombia vs Brazil Tickets
Colombia vs Brazil Tickets

Once Again a match between Colombia vs. Brazil, for the World Cup qualifying round -on the road to Qatar 2022-, is marked by the resale of the ticket office, the high prices and the impunity with which the tickets circulate to enter the Metropolitan Stadium, this Sunday.

Telephone numbers circulate on social networks where you can call unknown people to ask the price of a ticket for Colombia vs. Brazil. There are also web pages where they advertise tickets for sale, with prices that exceed 400% of the original figure.

A report reveals the exaggerated increase in ballots, taking advantage of the fact that fans are willing to pay for a ticket to such an eye-catching soccer match. The lowest priced stands are south and north, which were over $ 80,000 colombian pesos (21,21 US Dollars), plus service (23,75 US final price), they are sold for half a million pesos.

The tickets went on official sale on September 22, and it was ‘TuBoleta’, the official operator, in charge of distribution. But the tickets are already in the hands of the resellers, who come to ask up to $ 1,700,000 pesos, like 450 dollars, for seats in more privileged stands.

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