Champions League 3-peat: the teams that made it

A 3-peat in the Champions League is a hard record to achieve, but certainly not impossible. These three teams are living proof of that.

Champions League.
Champions League.

It is known that winning the Champions League is no easy task, let alone doing so three times in a row. Only a handful of clubs were able to take home the title three years in a row. Here are a few teams that have accomplished this incredible milestone.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich, based in Germany, is one of the legendary clubs that has a lot of history attached to its name. It is home to historic players such as Oliver Khan, Arjen Robben, Robert Lewandowski and many more. They can proudly say they took home the Champions League cup in three consecutive years: first in 1974, against Atlético Madrid, in 1975, against Leeds United, and finally in 1976 against Saint-Étienne Loire. 

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is a club that, at this point, needs no introduction whatsoever. Find the latest news about the 13-time Champions League champions.

This team pulled off a 3-peat. First in 2015 against Atlético Madrid, second in 2016 against the Italian Club Juventus and third in 2018 against the English club Liverpool.

Real Madrid as champion.

Given that the quality of its players is outstanding, it comes as no surprise that it was able to pull off a 3-peat. It is not a secret that many of the greatest soccer players in the whole world, such as Raúl González Blanco, Sergio Ramos and the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo, came from this club. Learn more about the Champions League top scorer of all time

However, this is not the first time that the club has achieved heights like this: they took home the title of the first five tournaments organized by the European Cup, which was later replaced by the Champions League. 

Their winning streak began in 1956 against the France-based club Stade de Reims, and ended in 1960 against the Germany-based club Eintracht Frankfurt. This makes “Los Merengues” (The Meringues), a nickname given to them because of their white uniforms, one of the greatest soccer teams ever. 


There is another soccer club that has achieved the milestone of a 3-peat: the Dutch Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax, also known as AFC Ajax, Ajax Amsterdam or simply Ajax.


Many renowned players came from this club such as Edwin van der Sar, Frank de Boer, Johan Neeskens, and many others. 

This Amsterdam-based club has won the title three times in a row, in 1971 against the Grece-based Panathinaikos, in 1972 against the Italy-based Internazionale and, finally, in 1973 against the also Italian-based Juventus. 

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