Brazil - Argentina Why was it suspended?

Health authorities entered the playing field and prevented the match from continuing. They argue that the affidavits of four footballers were falsified.

Argentina vs Brazil
Argentina vs Brazil

When a few minutes of the match between the Argentine National Team and Brazil were being played, for the South American Qualifiers towards the Qatar World Cup 2022, an Anvisa authority (National Health Surveillance Agency) entered the field of play to stop the match.

The reason was that Emiliano Martínez, Emiliano Buendía, Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso could not be playing for a health issue: according to Anvisa, the four had put in their sworn statement - when entering Brazil - that in the last 14 days they had not been to the UK, which they had not.

The position of the Argentine National Team before this decision of the Brazilian authorities was to retire to the locker room because, if not all the players were playing, none were playing. That was the same decision that had been made in the previous one.

The Conmebol statement:

"By decision of the match referee, the match organized by FIFA between Brazil and Argentina for the World Cup Qualifiers is suspended. The referee and the match commissioner will submit a report to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, which will determine the steps to follow. These procedures are strictly in accordance with current regulations. The World Cup Qualifiers is a FIFA competition. All decisions concerning its organization and development are the exclusive power of that institution".

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