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América, Chivas or Rayados: Who has the most expensive stadium in Mexico?

The Mexican league returns to color in the stands, with the return of the public to the stadiums. And here, we review the best of them.

Liga MX ball
Liga MX ball

After more than a year of the arrival of the pandemic, where all countries were affected and the football world did not escape it, LigaMX has been recovering fans in its stadiums under strict security protocols, complying with the regulations required by the competent health entities and with a maximum allowed capacity percentage. 

The stadiums in Mexico reopen their doors progressively, which were kept closed due to the pandemic and, as if the hard economic blow that this caused did not matter, many clubs took the opportunity to remodel and modernize their playgrounds, and invested around 450 million pesos, just over 21 million US dollars, this despite not receiving the customary income from closing its doors.

Despite not receiving the income that they are used to, from ticket sales, advertising inside the stadiums, among others, LigaMX clubs bet on making improvements in the areas of entertainment, infrastructure and training. This was announced by LigaMX that Mexican soccer clubs have made investments in their sports areas and infrastructure, despite the economic crisis that has hit teams in their finances.

Through a statement, the agency listed the main items in which the teams of the highest circuit have bet: Construction, renovation and improvement of stadiums. Restoration of training facilities: changing rooms and courts, specialization of High Performance Centers, infrastructure for Basic Forces of women's teams, and application of technology in sports centers.

Three world-class stadiums

Undoubtedly, the investment of the clubs means empowering the Mexican league, thinking about it globally, but individually it gives prestige to each institution as such. The most modern and expensive stadium, today Rayados de Monterrey has it. Without a doubt, BBVA Bancomer is a first-rate stadium, and it has nothing to envy that of the great European powers.

 The Akron Stadium, where Chivas plays host to Guadalajara, is also not far behind, as it is one of the most modern and technological on the continent. America, for its part, has one of the most iconic stadiums in the world. The Azteca Stadium witnessed the World Final in 1986, and witnessed the goal of the Century, and The Hand of God, scored by Diego Armando Maradona against England.

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