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Thomas Tuchel’s silent reponse to Neymar and Mauricio Pochettino after his sacking from PSG

The German coach revealed his deep internal process to overcome his controversial exit from the French club after reaching the Champions League final.

Mauricio Pochettino, Thomas Tuchel and Neymar
Mauricio Pochettino, Thomas Tuchel and Neymar

Thomas Tuchel ended the season in a bittersweet mood after losing the Champions League final to Bayern Munich despite taking Paris Saint Germain to the last step. Shortly after he was suddenly sucked from the team and replaced by former Tottenham's coach Mauricio Pochettino.

The German confessed he's been going through hard times but it still it was not the first time he had to face adversities in his life. He is now 47 years old but had to retire from football when he was just 24 because of a serious knee injury. Then he was playing for SSV Ulm in Germany’s third division.

After his retirement he studied business administration and started working in a bar as a barman. Juggling with bottles as he was with his own schedule force him to overcome adversities.

Quickly after he had to hang his boots, he moved on and enrolled himself in the University. And at the same time, he started earning his own money in a trendy bar named radio bar. “I slowly developed a new self-confidence in the bar, shift by shift, evening after evening" he told German lifestyle magazine ZEITmagazin Mann.

Fail and succeed

Nine months after his injury he tried for lost time to come back to football after contacting Ralf Rangnick, who then was working in Stuttgart, for a trial. After another frustrarion, Rangnick pushed him to become a coach. He was not wrong at all. And his self-confidence will for sure help Tuchel to overcome once again.

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