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The young coach who is a candidate to replace Ronald Koeman

Joan Laporta, candidate for the presidency of Barcelona, has identified Mikel Arteta as a possibility to become the next Barcelona coach.

Ronald Koeman
Ronald Koeman

Barcelona lives turbulent hours, especially in terms of the sports management of an institution that has been, for many years, a model in the world. While we are waiting with what will happen to Bartomeu, who to this day is unknown, Joan Laporta, a candidate to succeed him, is beginning to show his letters, looking to the future of a team that needs to clean up its image as quickly as possible.

So much so, that he is already beginning to give names of possible coaches, players and trusted people who could come with him to the Camp Nou, putting pressure on his competitors, given the serious proposal that he heads thinking about sports. It seems that the former culé president would be willing to bet on Mikel Arteta as culé coach in the event that Ronald Koeman does not finish fitting in at the club and, as a consequence, ends up leaving at the end of the season, something that does not sound far-fetched at all, having take into account the present your team is going through.

Mikel Arteta

Although the current Arsenal manager is one of the top candidates to fill the position currently held by Koeman, he would only arrive if the Dutchman did not achieve the goals set earlier in the season and had to be fired. Is that his team is having a rather irregular performance this season, mixing great games with other quite bad ones, which is beginning to tire a hobby that points to him as one of the culprits of the poor performance since many of the decisions taken have not ended. to function.

Everyone will wonder why Laporta would bet on Mikel Arteta for the Camp Nou bench if Arsenal is not currently doing very well in the Premier League. The current Gunner coach likes for having grown up in the lower categories of Barcelona and also for being the direct disciple of Pep Guardiola, so he considers that he has the necessary knowledge to face this great challenge.

The players with whom Mikel Arteta shared a dressing room and trains today

Mikel Arteta wore the Arsenal jersey from 2011, arriving from Everton, until he hung up his boots in 2016. Since then he was the assistant manager at Manchester City with Pep Guardiola and took the solo adventure at the Gunner club in December 2019 With him playing Callum Chambers, who came to Arsenal in 2014 and, with two assignments to Middlesbrough and Fulham in between, is still in the London team. Together they played 13 games. On the other hand, Héctor Bellerín reached the lower categories of Arsenal in 2011, coming from the grassroots football of FC Barcelona, and was promoted little by little until reaching the first team in 2014. In between, he was on loan at Watford, so that he played just 12 games with his current coach.

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