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The diet that Antonio Conte imposed to return Tottenham to the forefront of Europe

The Italian has decided to change various habits in the 'Spurs', starting with eating, after several of the 'spurs' figures were 'dead' after a training session last Friday.

Antonio Conte
Antonio Conte

There where it hurts the most for many. Just as Xavi entered FC Barcelona with his commandments, Antonio Conte has not lagged far behind with Tottenham and has already started his own revolution. The Italian assumed the position on November 2 and has already been in charge of modifying some customs of the wardrobe, among them, the diet.

According to information from the English media ‘The Athletic’, the coach is not only stricter in training and game reviews, but has imposed a rigorous diet, since he has found some overweight players.

Among the prohibitions, in addition to detailing a diet to follow, ketchup and mayonnaise have been banned, with the aim of recovering the best physical condition. Conte's intention is that the change in the squad's diet is also translated into a new performance on the pitch.

In addition, in that list of prohibitions, Conte has also included fruit juices and foods cooked with oil and butter. The post-workout andwiches have also been eliminated. Finally, and always related to food, the coach has imposed meal times so that all the players have breakfast and lunch together, so that a climate of unity and a team feeling is created. Skipping this rule would imply an economic sanction that did not exist before at Tottenham.

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