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The bizarre response from José Mourinho to a world champion that created huge controversy

Tottenham Hotspur manager has strongly crossed a well-know player after he said he would prefer to retire from football before joining him.

José Mourinho
José Mourinho

Mesut Özil had a tough week after stating he would rather “retire from football before joining Tottenham Hotspur”. The German midfielder started the discussion after he commented in his social media the choice he’d take in case he leaves Arsenal FC in short term. His contract is expiring in only a few months’ time. José Mourinho didn’t like that and sent a hard response.

A Twitter user asked Özil: “Now that your contract is nearing the end with Arsenal, If you only had one contract offer and that was from Tottenham.... Would you rather retire or sign for Tottenham...?”. To that, the 32-year-old World Cup winner in 2014 answered: “Easy question… retire!” using the hashtag “#AskMesut”.

In his last press conference, Tottenham Hotspur manager José Mourinho was asked about his thoughts on the German’s statement. His answer was in his typical style, honest, but brutal. “And who told him Tottenham was interested in signing him?”, he blasted. The speechless reporter could only ask: “No chance?”.

Ozil is now quite relegated in Arsenal FC manager’s Mikel Arteta’s consideration and is expected to leave the club by the end of June, when his contract with the club runs out. His agents are reported to be in talks with MLS side DC United and Turkish giants Fenerbahce SK. Arteta tried to evade the discussion on the player’s statement by saying: “I just don’t use Twitter”.

Mesut Ozil playing Premier League

Ozil joined Arsenal FC from Real Madrid in 2013 for 47 million euros, after the Spanish side acquired him three seasons before in 18 million. From there on, Ozil has enjoyed a long spell in London, playing over 180 games and scoring 33 goals. Now, he’s expected to leave Arsenal FC soon.

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