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Santiago Solari and the key to the victory America obtained over Chivas

The Argentinean coach was delighted with the performance delivered by his team

Santiago Solari
Santiago Solari

The coach of the 'Águilas' de America, Santiago Solari commented after reaping the most important victory since he arrived at 'El Nido' by defeating Chivas de Guadalajara 3-0, that it is time for the 'Americanismo' to enjoy after what happened on this round 11: “It is difficult to play a game so complete in professional football. We have been seriously solid and we have done it very well, it cannot be otherwise when you get a result like this in a Clásico", Solari said.

The coach of América also stated at a press conference that a "round" job was done on the Chivas field. "We are happy for tonight, we are going to enjoy it because I repeat, there are times when things do not turn out so round. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. The Americanism that I enjoy, was missing more", said the Argentine after the match.

The coach of América, Santiago Solari, also said that the victory belongs to the footballers, who played what was worked. "It is the merit of the players since Ochoa that he has been playing well," explained the strategist, who had doubts since the early hours of 2021 for reaching a technically unknown team for his work in the basic forces of Real Madrid and his brief I go through the first team.

Santiago Solari first Mexican Derby ever ended with a victory

 Solari also added that despite the victory, America will play with humility, appealing to the style of play that they want to print and aspiring to more "round" nights. “Football is dynamic, rivals work to win you. So I see growth and a path in which we continue to learn things. Hopefully there will be rounder nights and matches as perfect as today are difficult".

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