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Mauricio Pochettino: see how much he has spent on transfers in his career

PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino has spent about half a billion Euros on transfers in his career, see how he has spent it.

Mauricio Pochettino
Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino is one of the highly rated managers in Europe though he has not much to show for it. He has managed teams like Espanyol, Southampton and Tottenham and is currently the head coach of PSG.

He has spent over half a billion Euros on transfers. He has signed a total 169 players of which he signed 46 with fee and the remaining ones for free. His total transfer spending across his managerial career is €512,980,000, with an average of €11,151,739 per player.

He spent five years as manager of Tottenham and majority of his tenasfer spendings were at Tottenham. He signed a total of 62 players, 26 of which were paid for while the others were free transfers. He spent €440,480,000 with an average of €16,941,538 per player.

His transfer activity at Paris Saint-Germain has resulted in a spending of €83m for the signing of Achraf Hakimi, Danilo Perreira and loan fee of Nuno Mendes. He enjoys the media's positive review of not getting back enough at his previous clubs though the number say it is not true.

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