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José Mourinho: he's already a problem in Italy, see what journalists plan to do to him

Jose Mourinho has already become a problem for the Italian journalists and they have a plan to curb his excesses.

José Mourinho
José Mourinho

Jose Mourinho returned to Italian Serie A to coach AS Roma after a successful spell at Inter Milan in the last decade. But the sheep has not changed his clothes, his attitude and behaviour that do put him in the limelight is still there. 

Mourinho has ways with words and will not hesitate to use it whenever he feels like, this has always put him in the bad book of the media around the world and the Italian journalists won't have it different with him. He was called 'unpleasant' and 'inappropriate' by the Italian media company after he was said to have rammed a reporter. 

He called the Ratesport reporter ‘not intelligent at all’ in a fresh outburst at the media. The former Manchester United coach snapped at Norwegian journalist Jan Aage Fjortoft in a broadcast interview after his Roma side drew with Norwegian club Bodo/Glimt in the Europa Conference League last week.the one of recent was when he took aim at Juric, who works for Sky Sport Italia, Gianluca Di Marzio’s website and Italian radio channel Retesport.  

Mourinho has been his usual controversial self in Rome with a match ban and eating outside the stadium. He did not hesitate to shoot back at the journalist when he was not pleased with his question. The reporter Juric asked: “It's been six months since you signed for Roma, would you change anything that you've done in terms of choices, statements, requests or anything that you've done?” Unhappy Mourinho reply was “You are here in practically every press conference, but either you are very intelligent and you want people to think you are not or you are not intelligent at all. “I want to think you're intelligent but you like to do what you do.” The company has vowed to boycott Jose Mourinho's press conference. 

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