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It was Pep Guardiola's main competition and today his career is on the ground: The decline of José Mourinho's career

José Mourinho is not the same man who ran Real Madrid. Today, at 58 years old, his career is going through the worst moment since it began. So much so, that he received his worst win in history, falling 6 to 1 with Roma, against BodoGlimt

José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola
José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola

José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola have had a rivalry that seemed to be eternal. The Portuguese, at Real Madrid, the Spanish, at Barcelona. Their last match as coaches for Tottenham and Manchester City respectively.

They are, without a doubt, the rival on the bench that each of these two methodical and mediatic coaches has faced the most times. A rivalry that was born in 2009, in the heart of a tough tie between Inter and Barcelona, and which reached its 25th chapter.

With the passage of time and, especially, since Mourinho and Guardiola left the disciplines of Real Madrid and Barcelona, the effervescence of their clashes has lost fierceness, maintaining the intensity and passion. the last stake fell on the side of the Barcelona coach who ended up passing over the Portuguese.

Pep Guardiola won more matches than his rival. However, the main game, that of life, is the one in which he made the most difference. It is that José Mourinho's career is already coming to an end. It is true, he is bigger than his rival, but his splendor as a coach began at the same moment, and Pep Guardiola today directs Manchester City in the search for the Champions League, while Mourinho must settle for directing Roma, in the third most important tournament in Europe: The Conference League.

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