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How much fortune has Gareth Southgate withdrawn as England manager?

Gareth Southgate's contract as England manager has been renewed and his salary doubled. How much has he made from the job?

Gareth Southgate
Gareth Southgate

The English FA today have announced that the contract of manager Gareth Southgate which expires at the end of next year's FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been renewed until 2024 and his salary doubled.

Southgate was appointed England boss in December 2016 after being promoted from the U21 boss. His first contract in 2016 was a four years contract and worth £1.8m per season, the lowest of any England manager in 16 years. He earned this for four years until it was renewed in 2020 which means he made £7.2m.

His recent contract was £3m per year and he earned that for two years meaning he accumulated £6m before he earned this current renewal they put him at £6m per year. The contract is set to run till 2024 which is three years by the end of which he would have earned £18m.

Till this moment he has earned £13.2m so far as England boss and by the end of his current contract in 2024 he would have earned £31.2m managing the Three Lions.

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