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How Luis Enrique experienced the classification of Spain to the World Cup

The coach was euphoric after the classification of Spain and acknowledged that he felt more pressure in these games than in those of the European Championship. "If a coach does not win, it generates criticism and controversy".

Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique

The coach of Spain, Luis Enrique, acknowledged that he had taken off his back "a 100-kilo backpack" for having qualified for the World Cup in Qatar next year and celebrated seeing that "now the team is excited". “I have taken off a 100-kilo backpack. I had more pressure than in the EURO, than in the League of Nations and than in the 'Four Final' because we were supposed to get it out of obligation and current football does not know about obligations, but about realities", underlined Luis Enrique in Press conference.

The Asturian pointed out that if he had lost he would be "looking for the positive side", but that he felt "a great relief" for having qualified directly. "We have also deserved it because I think we have been the best team in the group," he remarked.

“Honestly, I have never complained about anything because I am privileged. We have been through situations where we have not received support, but I have not complained. We can now say that the selection is exciting, but this depends on the results that they give you or take away from you”, said the Spaniard about the criticism received at times.

In this sense, he made it clear that he knows that "if a coach does not win, it generates criticism and controversy." "This marvelous circus is like that and I do not intend to change it," he added, happy that now the public is turned over to the selection as it could be seen in La Cartuja. "That is a reason for joy because it means that what we do like people and that they understand that some decisions that may seem controversial, are not sought but are taken to form a group and a team" he concluded.

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