The enigmatic message from Barcelona: did announce the renewal of Lionel Messi?

By Fredi Roman

The enigmatic message from Barcelona: did announce the renewal of Lionel Messi?

The Spanish club made a striking post that raised all kinds of suspicions. 

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European football is experiencing very important days. On the one hand, in sports, because it was known that Manchester City and Chelsea are the ones to star in the Champions League final after having left Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid, respectively, on the road. Those games brought sequels, such as Neymar having paralyzed the negotiations with PSG and Zinedine Zidane analyzing taking a step aside at Merengue. 

But that's not all, since in teams that are not contesting the definitions of the tournaments, very important things also happen. In Barcelona, for example, the leadership led by Joan Laporta is trying to convince Lionel Messi to renew the contract that expires on June 30. With cordial talks between the president and Jorge Messi, father and agent of La Pulga, it seems that it is a matter of time to make the announcement of continuity.

It is that in the last time the relationship with Ronald Koeman was forged and both know the virtues and defects of the other, both on and off the courts, something that at the beginning of the Dutchman's cycle did not happen, since they did not speak to each other.

And in the last minutes, Barcelona made a very striking publication on their social networks: a photo of Lionel Messi with one of the many Ballon d'Or that he won throughout his career and the phrase "finally". This is an action that surprised all the fans and more than one was encouraged to ask if the Argentine player had renewed.

To the bad luck of all the fans of La Pulga and world football, Messi's contract renewal has not yet taken place, but the official Barcelona account celebrated that he can now use the new Twitter function: post vertical photos and that see in fullness. "Great photo for the new Twitter functionality," the account added a bit later, citing a Twitter message introducing the change.


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