Scandal in America: four figures are exhibited at a party with strippers, alcohol and debauchery, days before the elimination

By Mauricio Saenz

Scandal in America: four figures are exhibited at a party with strippers, alcohol and debauchery, days before the elimination

A week after the party, América was eliminated from the Liguilla by drawing 5-5 on the aggregate scoreboard against Pachuca

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With one week remaining before the quarterfinals of the Guard1anes 2021 tournament, and one day after defeating Portland Timbers (3-1) on the Azteca Stadium field, four players from America met in a rented house south of the City from Mexico to celebrate in private... So far everything was going well, but some photos leaked this week to the entertainment press ended up triggering a new sexual scandal in Mexican soccer.

According to TV Notes magazine, a person who's a "friend" of several América players would have sent him the photographs and confirmed that on May 6 the footballers Roger Martínez, Nicolás Benedetti, Richard Sánchez and Leonardo Suárez attended a party Private in the exclusive Lomas del Pedregal neighborhood where, in his own words, “there was a lot of alcohol and debauchery”.

“Some very beautiful women came to the party who came with every intention of having a great time [...] but those who had the best time with them were Roger Martínez and Nico Benedetti, although in the end they all got into the fun”, revealed the anonymous source to the magazine.

The sports newspaper Récord confirmed that that afternoon the club had organized a barbecue for its players at the Coapa facilities. In the photographs of both events it can be confirmed that the players wore the same clothing.

The witness consulted gave several details about the controversial party attended by the players on their own and without the club's knowledge, and even had the luxury of anticipating the scandal that was going to be “set up” for the footballers: “Believe me, yes at the club they would have found out, they would have already put an internal punishment on them, but when it's known, they will be armed at home and at the club, where this type of 'festivities' are forbidden”.

“I don't know who brought the girls, but Nico asked one of them to get on top of him and they began to move very daringly [...] Roger went further and lowered his pants ... and she quickly seized confidence with him! As they were all drunk, the party got out of control ", detailed the source consulted.

The scandal rose in tone because in another part of the interview the source was asked if the footballers involved were married. And it is worth noting that three of the four players involved are actually married with children.

“Roger has a wife and a son, although he doesn't display her on social media to be able to live as a single man. In addition, he has a daughter from a previous relationship with Yennifer Villalba, the same one who in 2019 accused him of not providing support for her little girl. On her side, Nico also has a partner, but he does show her on social networks, she is Carolina Granadam and, although I don't know if they were already married or not, they recently became parents", concluded the interviewee.


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