Pachuca titles in Liga MX: how much trophies have won in Mexico?

Pachuca is one of the clubs that won the most titles throughout history

By Mauricio Saenz

Pachuca is one of the clubs that won the most titles throughout history
Pachuca is one of the clubs that won the most titles throughout history
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The cradle of soccer in Mexico is in Bella Airosa, where Pachuca FC boasts several national championships, but the one they boast the most and enjoy the most is an international one that no other Mexican club has managed to obtain.

That's right, we are talking about a team that in addition to fighting for the top positions in the MX League, also has a first-rate quarry, where players of the stature of Chucky Lozano, Erick Gutiérrez, Rodolfo Pizarro, among others, came out.

Liga MX: 6

The Hidalgo team had a glorious time at the beginning of the 21st century, where from 2001 to 2007 it obtained four trophies of the First Division of Mexican soccer.
Winter 1999
Winter 2001
Opening 2003
Closing 2006
Closing 2007
Closing 2016

Second Division: 2

Although Pachuca was the first club to be founded in our country, its history also has dark sides, where it descended and had to earn its place in the Maximum Circuit.

MX Promotion Leagues: 2

Once the silver category was established in Mexico, the Tuzos won two titles, the last being the one that ultimately helped them return to the First Division.
Winter 1997

Promotion Champion: 1

After being crowned in Winter 97, the Hidalgo citizens won the 1997-1998 series that faced the two champions of the Liga de Ascenso MX in the football year and with that they went up to Liga MX to never go down again, until now.

Concachampions: 5

Not only at the national level, but also internationally, those of the Bella Airosa demonstrate their power with a little hand from the Concacaf Champions League, where the last one was snatched from the Tigres del Tuca and Gignac.


Copa Sudamericana: 1

The most precious trophy in the showcases of Hidalgo. The 2006 South American Cup saw the team that led the Ojitos Meza over the powerful Colo Colo emerge as champions.

In total, Pachuca has 17 official titles in its record, but recently they lost a certain prominence that they seek to recover with their enviable quarry.


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