Neither Sergio Agüero nor Eric García: Barcelona already has its first reinforcement

The Catalan team strengthens to be the protagonist again. 

By Fredi Roman

The Catalan team strengthens to be the protagonist again. 
The Catalan team strengthens to be the protagonist again. 
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Prior to what is expected to be a restructuring market for Barcelona, multiple and different names have sounded to reinforce the club next season, some being more prominent than others, people as far away as they are close, such as Erling Haaland and Neymar, in addition to the accessible free agents such as Memphis Depay, Sergio Agüero, Eric García and among others. 

However, in recent hours it has come to light that Barcelona would have a completely unexpected signing tied up. This is the Brazilian midfielder from Flamengo Gerson, who will join the team from next season. Joan Laporta would have given the final 'ok' to the arrival of the Brazilian to the club from Flamengo and in exchange for 25 million euros, in what would be a completely unexpected transfer, since the footballer had not been linked to the team on any occasion previous.

Gerson is an all-terrain midfielder who can contribute both in attack and defense, being much younger he played in Italian football without success and pushed to return to Brazil, where he has shone individually in both local and continental football in the Copa Libertadores, a fact that would open the doors to Barcelona from now on.

Sergio Agüero and Eric García are very close to signing

Forward Sergio Agüero and defender Eric Garcia, both Manchester City players, are very close to signing their contracts with Barcelona. Both will arrive in a free condition, so the Catalan club will not pay for the transfer but will take care of their high contracts.

This is how Gerson plays


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