Marcelo to Inter Miami? Phil Neville responded and surprised everyone

By Mauricio Saenz

Marcelo to Inter Miami? Phil Neville responded and surprised everyone

The Inter Miami coach gave a press conference in which he talked about the future of the Real Madrid player

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Inter Miami has become in a very short time one of the most famous teams in Major League Soccer and where very important players are constantly linked. David Beckham has been responsible for mentioning names ranging from Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and is that the former English footballer wants to train one of the most powerful teams in the world in the United States.

The elite players know that at Inter Miami they could find a club that opens its doors to them and a few hours ago it was revealed that there would be interest in bringing the Brazilian Marcelo to their ranks, however, Phil Neville, coach of the Florida team, indicated that at the moment have their left side covered.

"Well, one thing: I don't need more left backs. I've more left backs than yellow taxis," he joked about the incorporation of the Real Madrid player. "He shows the level of the club and the interest in the club, yes, but in the end what I want for us is stability. When all those stars have linked up with Inter Miami, people want to come to Inter Miami", he explained.

"What we need's stability. All the players that are mentioned to come to Inter Miami are brilliant. But ultimately I want stability, I want the players to stay here for a while," he added.

Neville made it clear that for now Inter Miami wants its team to have stability, so it isn't convenient for its players to constantly read news about new signings in their positions, since that deconcentrates them and that is the last thing they want, because they want a successful team.

"The great team I played for at Manchester United, the core of the team was together for 4 or 5 years. There will be 8 or 9 players here who will stay for a while. And I'm also talking about franchise players. The worst that can happen is that they read every day in the newspaper who's going to come to the club. This club has invested a lot of time in this team, and stability is the only way to achieve success", he said.

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