How much money will America get if sells Roger Martinez?

By Mauricio Saenz

How much money will America get if sells Roger Martinez?

The Colombian forward played at a high level and several clubs were interested in hiring him

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Colombian Roger Martínez had an outstanding tournament as he was the second player with the most goals (six) in the Águilas of América in the Guard1anes Clausura 2021 of the Liga MX, behind Henry Martín with seven. However, his scoring quota, apparently, would not be enough to ensure his permanence in the azulcrema cast, since the board would already have decided to listen to offers for him in the next transfer market. 

And among the possible suitors, according to ESPN Argentina, there would be Boca Juniors, a team with which Roger Martínez had previously flirted during several stretches this year. But how much could enter the Águilas of América for a sale of 100 percent of the pass?

First, it must be clarified that although the position of the authorities is to be open to negotiating it, they aren't going to give it away either. Therefore, that institution that wants to buy the entire record of the coffee striker, will have to pay, according to Transfermarkt, three million euros.

America has already rejected two offers for Roger Martínez

Juan Román Riquelme, vice president of Boca Juniors, wants to hire the Colombian striker yes or yes since he believes that he can empower the team in order to obtain the long-awaited seventh Copa Libertadores. In that sense, since he assumed his leadership position, the former player offered twice for Roger Martínez, and both times it was rejected as it was considered insufficient by the board.



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