Roger Martínez' the player to sell in America

Colombian striker Roger Martínez ' the player to sell

By Mauricio Saenz

Colombian striker Roger Martínez ' the player to sell
Colombian striker Roger Martínez ' the player to sell
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The name of Roger Martínez has resounded in recent days in Mexico and Argentina, however it has been for different reasons. In Mexico, a scandal broke out in which the player was involved, after a video leaked where he is observed at a party without respecting the rules imposed by his team. On the contrary, in Argentina his name has resounded due to the transfer market.

But one topic begins to relate to the other. The Argentine team that is interested in the player's Boca Juniors. Likewise, the vice president of that team, Juan Román Riquelme, thinks to take into account the striker's recent conflicts with Azulcrema.

That's, in Boca Juniors they're already aware of the inconveniences that Roger Martínez had with the directors of the Águilas of América due to the adjustment of his salary and, mainly, because of the images that came to light in the last hours. According to TyC sports, they will try to take advantage of these situations to lower the price of the token.

How much money will America receive if it sells Roger Martínez to Boca Juniors?

The Colombian player, according to the latest Transfermarkt update, has a market value of three million euros, a figure that Boca Juniors will try to negotiate with América.

On the other hand, ESPN Argentina pointed out that Juan Román Riquelme has already called the Colombian and would not look down on returning to the South American country, in which he already wore the Racing Club and Aldosivi of Mar del Plata jerseys.

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