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What's the value of each goal by Carlos Vela?

By Mauricio Saenz

What's the value of each goal by Carlos Vela?

The Mexican striker's one of the best paid in the entire competition

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The arrival of Carlos Vela was a revolution in Los Angeles FC because he became the first Franchise Player of the Californian team and a pure goal he won to be the highest paid player in MLS until the 2021 season. An example of quality for Javier Chicharito Hernández.

Despite the injuries, he spent 61 days off the court in the 2020 MLS, Sailing is a great business for the cost - benefit for the Californian team due to the 'little' money he pays him per goal compared to what he spent on the transfer of the services of the Mexican forward.

Los Angeles FC paid $ 5 million euros, approximately $ 6 million, to Real Sociedad for Carlos Vela and set him a salary of $ 6.3 million with bonuses. After four seasons, five months into the MLS 2021 campaign, the Mexican striker has been paid 41 months of work.

In terms of salary, Vela has received $ 25.8 million dollars and if the cost of his arrival in MLS is added, he gives a total of $ 31.8 million: this value is what until May of MLS 2021 the attacker's services have cost him. Mexican to Los Angeles FC. Now the goals come.

The money that Los Angeles FC pays per goal to Carlos Vela

In the three seasons and five dates of Carlos Vela's fourth season in MLS, he scored 62 goals. These annotations are divided by the $ 31.8 million dollars, the cost of the Mexican's services, and the result is that the striker is paid $ 512,903 dollars per goal. In comparison with Chicharito Hernández, a great deal without taking into account the income from sales of jerseys and advertising.



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