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USMNT players in the Premier League: who has the highest fortune?

There are many American soccer stars across top European leagues. The English Premier League is not exempt, see the richest American in the Premier League.  

Christian Pulisic
Christian Pulisic

The United States of America is popular but not for sports, but not for football, but the growth of soccer in the country and exporting of footballers is now a common happening in football with stars like Chelsea's Christian Pulisic and Manchester City's Zack Steffen as the other popular ones.

Chelsea's Christian Pulisic is already the biggest American transfer export of this generation. He secured a permanent move to Chelsea in 2019 and has been one of the club's most important players in the time only if there are injuries.

Captain America as he is fondly called is without any doubt the biggest USMNT player as of this moment. Pulisic pockets about £145m a week or about $8m per season and with his multiple injuries, he could find himself in some real danger soon.

Christian Pulisic has a net worth of about $10m, not bad for a young boy from Hershey who has gone through many challenges to be where he is today.

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