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Messi's contract: how much money will earns in Barcelona and when does it ends?

By Mauricio Saenz

Messi's contract: how much money will earns in Barcelona and when does it ends?

Lionel Messi is the greatest idol in the history of Barcelona and will sign a millionaire contract

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Next June 30 is a date that all football lovers do not want to come. It is that that day Lionel Messi's contract with Barcelona ends and he will be a free player for the first time in his career. However, as we announced on Tuesday night, Messi and the Barcelona leadership reached an agreement for La Pulga to continue as a club player. Now, how long will he be and how much money will he charge?

Duration of Lionel Messi's contract in Barcelona

Joan Laporta knows that Messi is the best player that Barcelona had in its history and, for this reason, he made him a contract that meets all the Argentine's expectations. It will be announced that La Pulga will sign a contract for the next ten years with the institution. But beware, not everyone will be playing. Only the first two will be as a player wearing number 10.

For the next two seasons, Messi will be "Barcelona Ambassador" playing in MLS. If there are no last-minute imponderables, Inter Miami (David Beckham's franchise) will be the one that receives the Argentine player and, very surely, also Sergio Agüero.

MLS was always a possible destination for Messi. Even when, while Josep María Bartomeu was in office, there was talk about the exit of the crack and the burofax, several spoke of an agreement for a couple of years with Manchester City and then go on to play the team that City has in MLS. Something similar ends up proposing Joan Laporta, knowing that for Lionel Messi going through MLS will result in a gold mine.

The six years of his contract that remain, Messi will be appointed Strategic Partner and Ambassador of FC Barcelona worldwide.

How much will Lionel Messi charge on his new contract in Barcelona?

For the first four years as a footballer, according to this site, Messi has an agreement with Barcelona of € 240 million. For the remaining six years, Messi will continue to be linked to Barcelona, in the role of strategic partner and ambassador of the club, perhaps already with his boots hanging. For this role, he will also charge a fixed money and a variable amount, which will be tied to the income he generates for the club in that period.


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