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Lionel Messi signed a millionaire contract with Hard Rock Cafe: cost, duration

By Mauricio Saenz

Lionel Messi signed a millionaire contract with Hard Rock Cafe: cost, duration

Lionel Messi thinks about his future once he isn't a player and secured an important financial contract

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It doesn't stop surprising for a single second. Lionel Messi prepares for the debut of the Copa América with the Argentine National Team, in search of his first title with the Major after obtaining the 2005 U-20 World Cup and the Gold Medal at the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

However, in the last hours, the Barcelona striker made headlines for a situation far removed from football. It's that La Pulga was presented with a spectacular commercial in which he wears a rock dress, the product of an agreement with Hard Rock, the restaurant, entertainment and hotel brand that celebrates its 50th anniversary by joining Rosario.

During the video, the 10 is seen getting off a luxury car. He's dressed in dark jean, a black leather jacket and a guitar case, from which he takes out a golden ball before the gaze of journalists and cameramen.

Like a scene from an action movie, Leo kicks the ball with his magical left foot between the guitars and collectibles in the cafe to place it on a glass lectern where it is displayed with his signature.

Lionel Messi's deal with Hard Rock Cafe

The amount of the contract with Hard Rock Cafe did not transcend, but the agreement -basically- contemplates the presentation of a new collection of merchandising inspired by the player who has to his credit six golden balls. The contract is for at least the next five years.

In addition, to crown the agreement, it was learned that there was an exchange of gifts between Jim Allen, president of the international chain and the captain of the national team: Messi gave him a signed replica of his Golden Ball. And the businessman reciprocated that gesture with an electric guitar specially designed for him.

A replica of this guitar, signed by the player, will soon be exhibited in one of the Hard Rock properties and will become part of the most valuable collection of musical objects in the world.