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Liga MX: the Top highest salaries in 2021 and the list of players

By Juan Angel Aiesi

Liga MX: the Top highest salaries in 2021 and the list of players

Liga MX has been known to pay the big bucks to buy a player, mostly from South America, but how much do these top talents make? We have a breakdown of some of the highest paid players in Mexico for 2021. 

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Liga MX teams shell out a lot of cash to bring in top talent from all over the world to solidify their rosters. It has been long mentioned that teams in Mexico pay a considerable amount of money to the players they sign, much more than the market value at times. While Liga MX does not make salaries public, it has been mentioned in various Mexican news outlets that the average salary for a Liga MX player is $353,730 yearly.



That does not include bonuses, sponsorships, or image rights. It is a hard task to find out exactly how much do the top talents in Mexico make, we have been able to identify a number of name players’ salaries, and as you will see many of them earn as much as six-times the average salary. Here are some of the highest paid players in Liga MX in 2021.



Jonathan Rodríguez - $1.2 Million


The lethal Uruguayan striker is on Cruz Azul’s books for an estimated $1.2 million yearly salary. Jonathan Rodríguez has been a goal machine in Liga MX, scoring 30 goals in 62 games for La Maquina.

Jesús Corona - $1.5 Million


Long time Mexican goalkeeper and Cruz Azul captain Jesús Corona earns an estimated $1.5 million dollars for La Maquina. Corona has played over 300 games for Cruz Azul and is the undisputed number 1.


Miguel Layún - $2.7 Million




Miguel Layún is a long standing Mexican full back that has played in England, Spain, and Portugal, which makes him a rarity in Liga MX. Layún earns $2.7 million and is one of the highest paid defenders in all of Liga MX.

Vincent Janssen - $2.8 Million


The former Spurs striker and Netherlands international, Vincent Janssen, earns an estimated $2.8 million a year. Janssen has been with Monterrey since 2019 and scored 7 goals in 37 outings.

Oribe Peralta - $2.8 Million



After a lengthy career in Liga MX, Oribe Peralta is still one of the league's top earners, at 36 and with over 500 games, Peralta commands a salary of $2.8 million per season at Chivas.

Giovani dos Santos - $3 Million



Giovani dos Santos can’t complain about his bank account, at $3 million a year for Club América, he is still one of Liga MX top earners. Not bad for a player who is considered one of the worst signings ever for nearly every club he has ever played for.

Nicolás Castillo - $3.5 Million



Chilean striker Nicolás Castillo earns an estimated $3.5 million at Club América. Castillo has had an up and down career; he has scored 9 goals in 22 outings for Las Aguilas. At 27 and on the Chilean national team he is one of Liga MX’s top earners.


Rogelio Funes Mori - $3.8 Million



The former River Plate target man, Rogelio Funes Mori, has teared up the nets since his arrival to Liga MX in 2015. At 89 goals in 180 games for Monterrey, Funes Mori is well worth his $3.8 million salary.

Guillermo Ochoa - $4.5 Million




The Club América netminder Guillermo Ochoa earns an estimated $4.5 million a year for Las Aguilas. Ochoa returned to Mexico after nearly 10 years in Europe. Ochoa is still a force in goal and is a locker room leader at América.

André-Pierre Gignac - $4.6 Million



André-Pierre Gignac is arguably the greatest import in the history of Liga MX. Gignac came to Tigres in a shock move in 2015, at 35, he has scored 125 goals in over 200 games. Gignac earned an estimated $4.6 million in 2020 making him the highest paid player in Mexico.




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