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Diego Lainez, the most valued Mexican in La Liga and who costs more than a Real Madrid star

By Mauricio Saenz

Diego Lainez, the most valued Mexican in La Liga and who costs more than a Real Madrid star

The Real Betis player and the Mexican National Team increased their market value

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Diego Lainez is the present and the future of the Mexican National Team. At the age of 21, the young man stands out in Real Betis, of La Liga, as well as every time he puts on the jersey of his country. Therefore, he wasn't surprised that his market value has increased to be the highest valued Mexican in Spanish soccer that even allows him to cost more than a Real Madrid player.

Lainez managed to raise the market value of him by half a million euros, reaching a price of 8 million dollars and all after receiving greater confidence from Manuel Pellegrini. In the 2020-21 season he played 25 games, shining in several of them, where he added four assists but did not score a goal.

The second most valuable Mexican in Spanish soccer is Néstor Araujo. The Celta defender was key in a more than good season in the Vigo team and his value is 7 million dollars. With Eduardo Coudet as coach, he played 33 games, where he did not score or provide assists.

Héctor Herrera, who became champion with Atlético Madrid having important minutes, lost market value. He went from cost $ 8 million to $ 7 million. On his side, Andrés Guardado, Lainez's partner, also suffered a decline in his value. He went from $ 2 million to $ 1.5 million, the lowest value of him since he came to European football.

Diego Lainez is worth more than a Real Madrid star

The young Mexican player, as we already told you, counts 8 million dollars. With the new market update carried out by the specialized Transfermarkt site, Lainez is more expensive than Marcelo, one of the stars of Real Madrid. The Brazilian, according to the aforementioned quote portal, comes out 7.5 million dollars.


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