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David Beckham spent a fortune on his new business

The owner of Inter Miami surprised everyone with his new venture

By Mauricio Saenz

The owner of Inter Miami surprised everyone with his new venture
The owner of Inter Miami surprised everyone with his new venture
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David Beckham, a former Real Madrid and England soccer player and current co-owner of Inter Miami, is committed to electric cars. And when we say "bet" we mean that the British do it with all the consequences; He has invested a figure that we don't know (could be close to 20 million euros) in the Lunaz company, which transforms conventional motor vehicles into thermal cars.

If the company were to fail he would lose all his money, but it must be that Beckham has good advisers because Lunaz's prospects are very, very promising. And if all goes well, the British will increase his fortune much more.

What he has created Lunaz is an electric motor of modular design that can be applied to almost all classes and sizes of vehicles. And yes, they can sell you a Rolls-Royce Phanton from the 60s with an electric motor (if you pay a little more than half a million euros ... without taxes), but in addition to classic cars they have two other business areas: adaptation to electric of industrial vehicles, and the sale of engines for those automotive brands that want to use it.

Earning the trust of Beckham, who has acquired 10% of the shares, should not have been easy. But it should have helped that the chief engineer for this engine was Jon Hilton, who has three F1 world titles as technical director and has pioneered hybrid technology used in racing.

And if that is not enough, we suppose that they have put on the table some very attractive prospects: they intend to create 500 qualified jobs between now and 2024 because the plan ahead is very ambitious: for the time being, start with heavy duty commercial vehicles, including garbage trucks of which there are 80 million in the UK, Europe and the US.

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